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QuitMozz: protects from mosquito bites without harming health

Would you like to waste a cosy evening or a night’s sleep in fist-fighting mosquitos? Slap, swat and mashing into pulp can help revenge a blood-sucking insect. But cannot protect health. That requires keeping mosquitos at bay, always. So that you never suffer another frightening bite, let alone disease transmission.

You need a safe mosquito repellent which protects without using harmful chemicals. QuitMozz is the answer. It is an innovative brand of mosquito repellents developed and brought by Southern Labs in-house R&D team.  

Generally speaking, mosquito repellents are substances applied on the skin, vaporised as a liquid or burned as incense stick to ward off, discourage mosquitos from flying around or landing on the skin.

Safe mosquito repellents use only the World Health Organization approved chemical insecticides. Besides, there are natural insecticides like Neem, Citronella, Tulasi and others. These have no harmful side effects on human health. 

QuitMozz Mosquito Repellent Liquid

Mosquito repellent liquid is a common household mosquito repellent. Vaporiser machine heats the liquid (sold separately in containers). It emits repellent vapour, which paralyses and slows the body movement of mosquitos. QuitMozz offers Prallethrin-based repellent liquid and liquid vaporisers machine. 

QuitMozz branded mosquito repellents liquid contains only WHO-approved Prallethrin.

Prallethrin is fast in action; begins working in 5 minutes, and stay effective for longer hours.

QuitMozz branded liquid vaporisers use controlled release technology for long-duration protection.

These liquid repellents also work with any regular vaporiser machine available in markets.  

Liquid repellents come in a range of fragrances -- Sandalwood, Jasmine and Lemonyptus. They freshen up indoor air.

Available in different pack sizes for small as well as large households.


Mosquito Repellent Cream

Repellent cream blinds or confuses sensory activities of a mosquito. As a result, it cannot bite even after detecting a hunt. The most common active chemical in cream-based repellents is DEET. Southern Labs developed a DEET-free natural insecticide based mosquito repellent cream formulation.   

  • Contains no harmful chemical; especially, suitable for babies, children and aged
  • The state-of-art herbal formulation containing Tulasi, Citronella, Eucalyptus oil and lemon extracts
  • Protection against mosquitos and other insects lasting over 6 hours
  • Effective in sweat or sun-soaked, indoor or outdoor

Available fragrance – LEMONYPTUS

Mosquito Repellent Sticks


These sticks are highly effective in repelling mosquitos without causing common irritations associated with mosquito repellent coils. QuitMozz-branded incense sticks are entirely natural and contain zero-harmful chemicals.

  • Contain natural and organic essential oils.
  • Long burning of one and a half hour
  • Very low-smoke causes zero eye-irritation
  • Approved by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Available fragrance – LEMONYPTUS