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Different ways to avoid mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquitos are disgusting insects. Almost everything on earth has some sort of utilities, excepts these devilish creatures. As long as we cannot wipe them out, let us try to outsmart them. Sounds great? That’s the objective of this blog.

Dump stagnant water

The best and the most effective way to control mosquitos is not to give them a chance to breed. Mosquito eggs and larvae need water to live and grow. Stagnant water, even a tiny drop, is the ideal breeding ground. Urban neighbourhoods are full of such mosquito breeding grounds. Dump every drop of water in and outside your home. Keep water vessels airtight. Be vigilant.

Use insect mesh on windows

Open windows invite mosquitos inside the room. Cover them with fine insect mesh. It will help keep the air inside rooms fresh and mosquitos outside. The next thing will be sleeping inside mosquito nets at night.

Stay indoor at dawn or in the dusk

The majority of mosquito species hunt their prey (for sucking blood) at dusk and dawn. During day time they prefer resting. It is better to avoid going to gardens and other locations infested with mosquitos. And if you must, take necessary protections.

Control being attractive to mosquitos

Mosquitos detect a human (or, animal for that matter) body through its heat signature, the concentration of exhaled CO2 and visual clues. So, avoid heavy workout in the open during dawn and dusk. That is a way to stop being a mosquito magnet. However, you cannot completely avoid giving off these clues.

Use repellents inside the room or outside

Controlling mosquitos is proving to be a tough job for scientists. Using mesh, draining stagnant water and staying indoor during specific hours of the day – these all help. However, still, you cannot wholly exclude mosquitos from your life. For that, you need to use mosquito repellent insecticides. There are different types of repellents, like a vaporiser, cream, incense sticks with various applications. For example, PRALLETHRIN is WHO-approve mosquito repellent for household usage. QuitMozz is a popular brand of PRALLETHRIN-based vaporiser mosquito repellents. QuitMozz-branded products not only protect the household from mosquitos but also keep the room fresh.

Try natural repellents

WHO-approved chemical repellents are harmless to human health. However, natural substances like lemongrass oilneem oil, eucalyptus oil are always better to use as repellent insecticides. Southern Labs’ QuitFast branded products use these herbal substances for all-round protection from mosquitos and other harmful insects. These are naturally fragrant and refreshing. QuitFast product formulations are results of Southern Labs in-house R&D team and unmatched in quality.

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