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Are you a mosquito magnet? What makes your body attractive to mosquitos?

Human blood is not a staple diet for any mosquito species. You heard it correctly. But still over seven lakhs of people die every year from the diseases transmitted through mosquito bites. It is the single largest cause of human death! Let us make a couple of facts right. Preferred diets of mosquitos Floral nectars […]

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Different ways to avoid mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquitos are disgusting insects. Almost everything on earth has some sort of utilities, excepts these devilish creatures. As long as we cannot wipe them out, let us try to outsmart them. Sounds great? That’s the objective of this blog. Dump stagnant water The best and the most effective way to control mosquitos is not to […]

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QuitMozz: protects from mosquito bites without harming health

Would you like to waste a cosy evening or a night’s sleep in fist-fighting mosquitos? Slap, swat and mashing into pulp can help revenge a blood-sucking insect. But cannot protect health. That requires keeping mosquitos at bay, always. So that you never suffer another frightening bite, let alone disease transmission. You need a safe mosquito […]

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